Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photo dump

I've struggled to get photos published on the blog in a timely manner, so here is a dump of them all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Intake porting

Santa came early and dropped off a set of GT40X Aluminum heads!! So I've started porting the Cobra Intake to match the head ports as they are MUCH bigger. Found a great article on porting 5.0 intakes here. This guy is very well respected for his work and I followed his process. Ports 1-4 are done on the intake for the most part. I want to do a little more work on port 1, but they are essentially done.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Update, Finally!!!!

Well, it has been several months since my last update, time to get back to work!!! Found out I had several more broken pieces on the 911 engine than I originally thought. In addition to the cam adjustment gear, I also broke 3 rocker arms. So I pulled the motor out of the car so I can replace the rockers and inspect for any other damage. Once the motor was out, I moved the body up to my parents place to make more room in the garage.

Forward Progress....

I picked up working on the rear brakes lines. I originally followed the stock routing with the center flex line dropping down to hardlines running down the axle. I decided I didn't like that and ran hard lines to each rear wheel with a flex line down the caliper. I then decided I didn't like that. Back to the original routing I went. I have new flex lines on order for the frame to axle, and the 2 axle to caliper lines. Should be in later this week. Here is a picture of the rear wheel mock-up for 2nd attempt at routing brake lines:

Also finished up the pedal box:

I used the Russ Thompson gas pedal and the stock Mustang pedal box. The kit from Breeze Automotive includes pedal covers for the brake and clutch. Came out very nice I think. I've bent the pedals so there is enough clearance around the gas pedal and the brake pedal so each can be depressed without impacting the other.

Also this weekend, completed bench bleeding the master cylinder and re-installed it after finishing the pedal box. Lastly, on the car, painted the floor panels of the passenger compartment with Lizard Skin.

Lastly, my lil' Angel and I went to Dallas Mustang's annual car show on Saturday. Here are some pics from it:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, I haven't got any new updates because I haven't been working on the Cobra. My 911SC has been sharing the garage since Christmas as I tried to troubleshoot why it ran so badly. Well, I finally found the culprit. A broken cam adjuster on the left bank allowed the cam to shift out out of phase with the crank. New ones are on order and I hope to have by the end of this week to fix over the 3 day weekend.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FFR Black Friday Sale

I got an awesome deal on wheels, windwings, and sun visors from Factory Five's Black Friday Sale. Now, I just got to get over this head cold so I can get back in the garage...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thoughts and next on the list - 10/04/2009

Bending and flaring the brake lines was much easier than I expected. I was really dreading this part of the build, probably more than anything else. Rented a brake line bender and flare tool from Autozone. Napa hooked me up on the custom adapters needed to hook everything up. Brake parts list:
1986 SVO 4 disk master cylinder
73mm Single piston calipers from 1991 Lincoln
5 lug front rotors from 1991 Lincoln
Stainless Steel Flex lines from Maximummotorsports

Next to tackle is rear brake line and fuel lines.
Then fabricate a battery box.

Completed front brake lines